Aspects of service:
Survey / Site Evaluation - Character Assessments - Development Evaluation - Identify Sensitive Receptors - Research - Key viewpoint evaluations - GPS Photography / panorama stitching - Baseline presentation - Landscape Assessment Visual Assessment - Evaluating and contributing to design of proposal - Exploring mitigation - Evaluate sensitivities - Local authority / agency liaison - Detailed and qualified impact conclusions - Qualified recommendations - Presentation work

Recent Demand for studies - Local authorities are demanding an increasing protection of all types of landscape amenities and require that many development proposals should be supported by a clear, qualified and accurate assessment of the likely impact of a development.

My experience - I have been involved in large and small Impact assessment studies for local authorities, developers and private individuals and I give my clients a reliable and professional service at very competitive fee scales whatever the size of project.

Creative Input - With over 20 years creative design experience I am able to help shape many development proposals to improve their positive impacts and mitigate negative effects that make proposals unnecessarily contentious. Some of this requires a high level of presentation and negotiation with local authorities and public consultations.

Technical Skills - I can offer the many technical skills required for assessment studies from site research and survey to detailed evaluation, GPS positioned scaled photography processing to stitched montage imagery and full document production and presentation. This is complex work that has to be very thorough and professional to serve its’ purpose and I enjoy the challenge of delivering a great service.

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