As a town planning and landscape design consultant I can offer a complete range of service to my clients to evaluate all the potential of a proposal, develop their design and deliver a well evolved and presented development proposal for planning consideration. I have worked with local authorities for over 20 years and I take great care to maintain good and helpful working relationships to help my client’s proposals be well and fairly considered.

Survey / Site Evaluation - Development Proposal Evaluation - Evolution of proposals - Design brief development - Local Authority Liaison - Research and identify background considerations - Feasibility Studies - Proposal Statements Pre- application submissions - Planning Application - Public Consultation - Presentation work - Attend public enquiries

My experience - I have been involved in large and small planning projects for over 15 years and been very successful in identifying good proposals for clients and putting forward effective and well received presentations to local authorities.

Design and presentation Input - With over 20 years of creative design and presentation experience I am able to illustrate and communicate proposals very professionally at the highest level, to ensure my clients’ development interests and investments in applications are worthwhile.

Skills and expertise - There are many useful skills for taking development proposals forward to a best conclusion but it can be expensive to commission services to bring in all those skills. I can offer my clients all the research, technical, illustrative, presentation and negotiation skills needed at very competitive fixed fees for any project. I take great care to be very thorough and reliable in processing a clients’ project and I have never lost a working contact in over 15 years which demonstrates my level of skill and service.

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Office: 01506 834 109
Mobile: 0771 866 2832

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