Martin under the name of Alma Consultancy has been practicing as a Landscape Architect and Surveyor since 1988 and as a Planning Consultant since 1995.

Background - Having qualified twice from Heriot-Watt University in Landscape Architecture and Town Planning, I worked several years in local authorities, private practices and in Australia establishing my own business in 1990.

Appointments - I have been appointed as the project designer / planner for two ongoing rural housing projects running for the last 5 years. I am the landscape designer for 3 architects, 2 builders and 7 landscape contractors. I have been appointed as a regional design consultant for several product manufacturers who have recognised the quality of my service and recommend me to their clients.

My Clients - I do regular commercial and residential work for a number of Architects, developers and builders and work with a range of commercial clients on projects from wind farms, to housing, golf courses and restaurants.

My Projects - I offer a wide range of services to my clients and contacts so I am involved in many types of projects from;
1. Developing master planning landscape designs for big sites like housing for servicing, construction and planning applications
2. Concept landscape designs for exploring commercial layout plans and potential of sites and premises
3. Cost and time estimating large landscaping projects including landscaping, services, roads, drainage and engineering aspects
4. LVIA studies for impact assessments of development proposals like housing and wind farms
5. Planning consultancy, exploring potential and designs for new developments, working with local authorities, making applications
6. Project management, setting out works, surveying, assessing workmanship, reporting progress, budgets and timescales
7. Presentation work, producing high quality plans, images and reports and giving presentations to clients, agencies and public`

Experience - I have over 20 years experience and I am able to meet the expectations of any client, the challenges of any project and deliver a great service with value for money.

Reputation - I have never lost a business contact in over 20 years and obtain most of my work from recommendations because of the quality and reliability of my service. My contact base is always growing which is a very useful asset to my clients. I pride myself in business relationship building to make sure I understand and meet the needs of my working contacts and clients.

Fixed Fees - I always quote fixed fees for projects with any extra work requested on an hourly basis. My fees and hourly rates are very competitive and I always aim to keep fees, drawing productions and report volumes to a minimum unlike other consultancies who charge fees of up to 15% of a client's budget to produce often unnecessary volumes of drawings and specifications.

Save Money/Achieve More - The service I offer is guaranteed to save my clients money and hassle by working through a good design and planning process to identify and evolve all the best ideas and details to obtain keen and fixed prices for all projects.

Design to a Budget - I am very knowledgeable on prices and timescales, so I can advise clients accurately about the cost of various options so I can design and plan to a budget and never miss a deadline.

Comprehensive - My rates are very competitive so my clients can afford a complete and comprehensive professional service to get their job just right in every detail and I do not charge for changes to my designs and studies.

Complete Service - With all my experience and contacts I can offer a one stop shop for any project from concept through design, viability analysis, planning and obtain any permissions required and onto build and project management required to complete. I can also produce presentation material including exhibitions and host / present public consultations.

Sustainability and Ecology

I am very conscious of sustainability and environmental issues and I consider those factors in all my work, decisions and advice. Wildlife, carbon footprint, embodied energies, soil retention and hydrology protection issues are always important to me. My sustainability interests are also proven by my own self built wooden eco-house, where I have lived for over 17 years, with a solar powered office.

I am experienced in protecting and creating wildlife habitats, protecting valuable specimens and safeguarding any valuable natural asset during a development. I can design wetlands, river bank stabilisations, soft engineering solutions and flood prevention measures. I am regularly asked to detail land drainage solutions and attenuation details for surface water management without scouring of valuable water courses. With my engineering contacts I can co-ordinate designs for works on any scale.

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